Nutra-Biostimulants - Natural Organic Substances

Nutra-Biostimulants are natural (nutrient) and organic (biostimulant) substances which stimulate plants to meet their maximum, healthy potential and cause regeneration of healthy soil. Some might refer to them as a natural organic fertilizer because of the way biostimulants affect the growth of plants. Nutra-Biostimulants are not a fertilizer, but can be thought of as more of a soil doctor.  
Nutra-Biostimulants allow growers to decrease the use of fertilizers up to and more than 50% because of their healthy natural affects on the soil around plants. Nutra-Biostimulants are easy to apply and can be mixed and applied with pesticides and fertilizers. Our product increases soil microbial activity causing increased soil tilth and nutrient availability in a healthy natural way. Find out for yourself the many benefits we have to offer by trying our products.

"Before using the Biostimulant products, my husband and I were producing a good product in our Greenhouses.  After using the Biostimulants our product went from a good product to a superior product."


Ashley Valley Greenhouse

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January 28-30:    Northwest Agricultural Show                   Booth E66 (Portland, OR)

February 4-6:      Spokane Ag Expo

                            Booth 1 (Spokane, WA)

February 11-13:  World Ag Expo

                            Booth 3712 (Tulare, CA)

February 27-:      Commodity Classic

March 1               Booth 1224 (Tampa, FL)

March 25-27:       Mid-America Farm Show

                            Booth F6 (Salina, KS)